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These Speeches Discuss Innovations and Rules in Design

 - Aug 22, 2013
These presentations on design deal with design principles and innovation. The speakers in this collection talk about the future of design, as well as creating society-enhancing designs. The topics touched on in this collection all relate to design, but discuss different aspects of it.

Jinsop Lee explores the idea of appealing to all five senses in his design speech. He claims that most designs only appeal to sight and sometimes touch. Why not design things that look and feel great, but also appeal to one’s sense of smell, taste and sound? He talks about a clock his friend designed, that uses smells to tell time.

Graham Hill tells viewers what is most important in any good design in his talk. He claims that while good aesthetics show that a designer cares about doing a good job, functionality should always come first. Designs should always look to solve a problem in a creative way.

Yves Behar reveals the seven principles of design in his keynote. Among these principles, he stresses the importance of beginning a design by asking questions. He also points out the importance of taking something boring and turning it into something creative.

These speeches are informative and offer insight into the world of design.