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From Education Outside the Classroom to Embracing Our Inner Child

 - Aug 13, 2014
These presentations on curiosity include talks by speakers who believe the world needs more curious behavior -- for adults, children and all types of professionals.

Philosopher Jonathan Keats argues that the lack of curiosity in many professions -- particularly philosophy -- means that no new ideas are being brought forward or explored. When it comes to philosophy, Keats rejects the academic approach. It is an interesting concept that many businesses are beginning to apply as a means of brainstorming during creativity sessions.

Ramsey Musallam's arguments in favor of more curiosity are based in education. He believes that modern curricula need to include more programs and material that facilitate trial and error experiences.

Lastly, Meike Winnemuth's thoughts apply to everyone. She believes being curious and adventurous are critical to growing as a human. While not everyone can pack their bags and travel the world for twelve months, people can be curious and adventurous in their own lives by talking to strangers and trying new things.

These presentations on curiosity demonstrate how we all need to make time for exploring our curiosities.