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From Becoming More Creative to the Power of Introverts

 - Nov 28, 2013
At, we love to search the Internet high and low for presentations on creativity. The 21st century has ushered in a period where many professionals, educators and innovators suggest that creativity now serves as a new world currency. This collection of creative speeches, which is a more populated course than one previously published, explores this concept and many others surrounding creativity.

Glenn D. Wilson's speech evaluates the mental health of some of the most celebrated creative minds. He finds that a significant portion of them suffered from schizophrenia and early childhood trauma. He also draws parallels between creativity and madness, stating that the main difference is that people who suffer from a mental disease, are unable to exercise control over their behavior.

The speech by Ragne Sigmond shares with her audience that it was her "why not" attitude that led to her success in a creative field. One has to believe in his or her ideas and be curious enough to see them through.

Linda Rottenberg believes that if people aren't calling your ideas crazy enough, then they aren't going to pan out successfully on the creativity spectrum.

These presentations on creativity reveal more connections between one's creative capacity and the brain, as well as the different ways people are transforming the world.