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From Successful Core Values to Laughter in Business

 - Oct 25, 2014
These presentations on company culture demonstrate that the way a organization functions and interacts with one another is a clear indication of how successful it will be. Many businesses focus exclusively on the people they hire, but tend to overlook the importance of how members interact and collaborate. These speeches not only pinpoint the qualities of rockstar-level company cultures, but also strategies for building the culture you envision among your employees.

Hearing from a number of highly influential and successful people like Tony Hsieh and Simon Sinek, these speeches teach leaders that a strong team goes far beyond its individual talents.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche suggests that innovative and creative cultures depend on the tolerance and flexibility of bosses. Strong leaders will encourage experimentation and will celebrate failure.

These speeches on work culture applaud the businesses that understand the benefits of laughter and chaos.