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These Presentations on Business Focus on Large Corporations and Brands

 - Sep 11, 2013
The strategies and practices employed in large corporations diverge dramatically from those employed in smaller organizations; this collection of presentations on businesses focuses on some of these differences and offers strategic tips for those managing larger brands. In addition to advice, these speeches also touch on the reasons big businesses are running into trouble these days in areas such as creativity and innovation.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche believes that big businesses are losing their horsepower because of the lack of attention being paid to consumer preferences. He believes that the success of a brand depends on its ability to make an emotional or cultural connection with its consumers.

Lynda Resnick believes that like humans, large companies have a life expectancy. Her advice for big brands looking to stay relevant and competitive is to be willing to reinvent themselves, even starting from scratch if need be.

Jim Skinner argues that big brands -- like McDonald's -- are responsible for make eco-minded choices and for giving back to those less fortunate in the world.

These presentations on business offer a comprehensive discussion on the evolution and future of big business.