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From Efficient Uses of Comedy to the Laughter in Business

 - Jul 4, 2014
Most are well of aware of the power of humor in making someone feel better about a personal situation, but this collection of speeches focuses on the ways humor can transform a business.

The speech by Andrew Tarvin points out that just because something is efficient, does not necessarily mean it is effective. Here he is referring to the age-old myth that humor and work should never coincide. He argues that humor can actually create a happier, more productive, less stressed and more successful environment compared to work environments that portray it as something negative or as a waste of time.

Eric Tsytsylin's talk parallels this and he believes that simple acts such as changing the names of meetings rooms to something silly can really have a positive impact on stress levels in an office.

Lastly, the iconic Ricky Gervais argues that humor evokes empathy and that all areas of life could always use a little bit more of it.

These speeches prove that the power of humor extends far beyond the walls of a movie theater or a rendez-vous with old friends.