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From Cultures of Collaboration to Bringing Teams Together

 - Sep 13, 2012
The difference between a successful brand and an unsuccessful brand is very often dependent on the extent to which a positive work environment exists within an organization. This collection of speeches and keynotes spotlights a wide range of industry professionals, CEOS, managers, psychologists and team leaders who understand the multifaceted criteria that goes into developing and maintaining a positive work environment.

Many of these speakers, such as award-winning author Jeremy Gutsche, believe in the importance of a work culture that embraces innovation and change. A coherent and defined plan can help set up a team for crisis or unexpected change, making a team more adaptable and less susceptible to stress.

Other speakers featured include Vivian Schiller and Martin Sorrell who believe that employees being on the same page and headed in the similar direction is the crucial factor for creating a positive work environment. Internal alignment enables teams to create goals and solve problems together in the same mindset.

People such as Mike Mountz and Andrew Sinek support a closely knit staff. A staff in which employees are social with another and know co-workers on a more personal level will perform better because of a sense of trust and connectivity.

Covering a wide variety of topics including team management, productivity and communication strategies, each of these speakers offers insightful and helpful tips for creating a positive work environment.