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From Kinship in Business to Managing Team Conflicts

 - Nov 16, 2014
Successful leaders are constantly looking for ways to encourage and foster positive team building among their teams and these curated speeches aim to shed some more light -- and assistance -- on the topic.

The speech by Lindred Greer provides a type of map for managers when a conflict arises in the office. The most important action to take is to determine what the fight or argument is actually about. Conflicts that are personal can be extremely destructive to a team, as can seemingly petty arguments over processes because they typically speak to a bigger issue -- respect. If the problem is personal, a manager needs to step in immediately to prevent it from escalating or going viral.

Walter Isaacson's talk focuses on the success of Apple and Steve Jobs. Jobs acknowledges his team as his greatest accomplishment as an entrepreneur, proving that leaders need to focus on positive team building for a company to achieve desired success.