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From Implementing Environmental Change to the Dark Side of Democracy

 - Mar 27, 2015
These political speeches all discuss politics -- from local levels to global governance -- by referencing the activities of governments and the people they represent. This happens in a number of ways. Some speakers encourage a specific government action while others compare politics and the way a state or states interact with each other to another subject.

In a climate change address, Leonardo DiCaprio discusses international environmental politics. He makes a passionate plea to the world leaders assembled at a United Nations climate change summit to take large-scale action to combat the pressing issue. Another one of the political speeches is given by Penn Jillette, the television personality speaks in favor of the separation of church and state. Barry Andrews's Syria intervention talk is on necessary political activism concerning what he describes as the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of our time.

It's argued even though we live in the Information Age, we are still incredibly uninformed about world affairs. These political speeches could help change that.