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These Talks Explore the Benefits of Peace and Offer Global Insight

 - Aug 21, 2013
This collection is made up of pleas for world peace, which stress the benefits of stability and unity. World peace may seem impossible to attain, but these speakers offer up suggests on how to get a step closer. These speeches discuss women's role in peace, and ways to bring people together.

May El-Khalil is the founder of the Beirut Marathon, which is the largest run in the Middle East. This marathon brings feuding people together to run for good causes. The marathon is in its eleventh year, and creates peace (at least temporarily) in an unstable part of the world.

David Trimble is a Noble Peace Prize winner, who personally helped bring peace to Northern Ireland. Trimble says that in order to create peace, one must know the cause of the conflict, the conditions, and who has been participating. He notes that religious conflicts are much harder to resolve. Religion allows for no compromises.

In Hillary Clinton's speech about the role that women play in achieving peace, she points out that conflict is extremely costly. She reminds her audience that there are many benefits to a stable living environment. She also discusses women and their talent for reconciliation, but points out that this is difficult to accomplish in places where women aren't seen as equal to men.

These inspiring speeches offer insight into world conflicts, and hope for a peaceful future.