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These Speeches Cover Topics Like Teaching and Perception

 - Sep 3, 2013
This collection of keynotes is philosophy-focused, featuring well-known philosophy teachers and interesting topics. Some of the subjects discussed in these thought-provoking speeches include human perception, teaching, ignorance and religion.

Bijoy Goswami's philosophy speech introduces the idea that people's lives revolve around core questions that drive them to succeed. Goswami believes that behind every mission in life, there's a question that started it all. He believes the journey to solve these core questions can be extremely positive and beneficial.

Speaker Kristen Powers shares her child philosophy. She believes that children should be encouraged from a young age, and made to believe that they can change the world some day. She also believes that adults should hold onto their child-like creativity for the rest of their lives.

Dan Dennett talks about tricks of the mind in his keynote on escaping illusions. Dennette uses science, magic and art to prove his points throughout the course of this keynote.

Philosophy students and curious individuals will thoroughly enjoy these insightful speeches.