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From Moving Women's Rights Forward to Combatting Climate Change

 - Dec 14, 2013
The philanthropist CEO is becoming more common in today's world and these speeches highlight some of the business-minded people who have been sacrificing huge cuts of their pay for the greater good.

Brands that focus on pushing forward human rights or doing their part to operate on a green business model will soon be the norm. Thanks to things like Twitter and Facebook, the world is experiencing its highest level of transparency ever; the ways brands run their businesses are out in the open for everyone to see -- whether they want it or not.

Richard Branson is a pioneer when it comes to doing green business. He believes that adopting green practices across all industries is one of the world's greatest entrepreneurial opportunities.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, also featured here, are a dynamic duo when it comes to creating lasting and positive change for the world. The two donate huge amounts of money and time to the Gates Foundation, an organization dedicated to global health and global development.

These speeches are truly inspiring as they showcase the ways successful businesses can play an instrumental role in making the world a better place.