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From Loving What You Do to a World Without Humans

 - Jan 29, 2014
This collection of inspiring and thought-provoking speeches presents a variety of perspectives on life. Different people all across the world hold different values in their lives and these talks highlight various approaches one can to being happy in life.

One of the most memorable speeches featured here is the one by Sam Berns, who sadly just passed away. His talk shows how he didn't let the factors fighting against him in life hold him back from achieving his dreams. He believes that acknowledging what makes you different can empower you to find creative and inspiring solutions.

The speech by Cameron Russell is a very honest and open talk on the specific ways she benefits from gender and race preferences. As an attractive white woman, she knows she benefits from a string of things.

The famous speech by Steve Jobs at a Stanford commencement pushes people to follow their dreams and to practice things that align with their passions.

These perspectives on life focus on everything from finding internal bliss to giving what one has and not trying to hide from one's past of future.