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From Creating Female Networks to Quiet Leadership

 - Nov 11, 2013
This collection of keynotes focuses on different perspectives of leadership from women. Leadership style is a topic on which many individuals hold different opinions and values. Women in particular often possess very distinct stances on it than men do. Hearing from people like Sheryl Sandberg and Polly LaBarre, this collection shares many new ideas on leadership.

The speech by Diana Swain discusses leadership on a global scale and identifies Canada's leadership style on the international scene as "quiet" yet influential. She defends Canada's quiet and low-profile reputation as one that still impacts the world greatly. This mentality can easily translate to everyday leadership roles. Leaders don't always need to be outspoken or boisterous individuals.

Polly LaBarre believes a strong leader is one who constantly tries to change the reasons an employee shows up to the office every day. It is a leader's responsibility to include every member of the team and make each one feel valuable to the company.

Strong leadership and management can take many shapes as these speeches on perspectives of leadership illustrate.