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From The Value of Efficiency to Immediacy in Business

 - Jan 24, 2013
Acting quickly, seizing opportunity and employing urgency are the topics discussed in these persistent business strategy keynotes. Hearing from highly successful CEOs like Martin Sorrell of WPP and Jim Skinner of McDoanld's, these speeches demonstrate why acting quickly in today's uncertain economy is more important than ever.

Things change so quickly now that we have entered the 21st century as well as the digital age, and if businesses can't adapt or make quick decisions, they will be left behind and soon forgotten.

While there is certainly am element of fearlessness emphasized in these speeches, many speakers argue in favor of acting quickly and then focusing on the small details later.

Innovation keynote speaker and CEO of Jeremy Gutsche offers examples of iconic brands that were actually started during economic recessions and because of one person's decision to try something new and act quickly.