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These Perception Speeches Explore the Way We Perceive in Business & Life

 - Jul 11, 2013
The way individuals perceive a variety of things in the world today including life, themselves, the world and situations in business is the focus of these carefully curated perception speeches.

The speech by Rory Sutherland on the life lessons people can take away from the advertising world is particularly interesting for individuals in business. The general takeaway from his speech is that value is entirely subjective to one's perception of what value means to themselves. Value can be added or taken away from an idea, a product or even a service based on the ways consumers interact with it and experience it in their lives.

Runway model Cameron Russell's speech focuses on the perception of beauty. She discusses the modern notion of beauty as a legacy that was created long ago. This legacy defines a beautiful woman as slim and white. She explains how this has unfortunately become the standard for beauty, leaving others feeling oppressed and not up to standards.

These perception speeches offer a medley of perspectives and discussions on the topic that can be applied in many areas of one's life.