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From Maximizing Word Days to Optimizing Agendas

 - May 15, 2014
Overcoming procrastination is a challenge shared by almost every business or organization. In an era with a surplus of distractions -- from social media to smartphones and open concepts -- it can be exceedingly difficult to foster a work environment that enables people to stay on task. These speeches hope to offer some guidance and tips for defeating distractions.

The speech by Nicole Steinbok believes that overcoming procrastination can be achieved through strict scheduling. She doesn't just believe in scheduling in meetings or planning out one's day; she believes people need to schedule in time spent on mundane tasks like going to the washroom, washing hands and eating lunch so that these things don't actually interrupt other schedules work time.

According to Dan Ariely, the human mind is programmed to procrastinate. When it comes to planning ahead and acting now with the future in mind, human nature is simply not set up to work this way. To proactively counter this, Ariely believes humans need rewards or incentives to look forward to.

Alexa Von Tobel also supports the idea of scheduling. Her perspective differs in that she only allots 15-30-minute increments to work on one thing. This way, she is constantly pushing herself to complete a task and she will not grow tired of whatever she is working on.

Overcoming procrastination is an easily achievable goal with this thorough offering of tips and tricks.