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From Corporate Addiction to Risk to Feminine Economic Values

 - Mar 14, 2013
The relevance and dominance of social media today forces a new level of openness in business. Brands that practice this strategy will likely get ahead of others through gaining the trust and loyalty of consumers. Businesses, particularly large corporations, are being held accountable like never before due to online forums and Twitter. Because of this, exercising transparency is always smart.

These speeches demonstrate how openness benefits brands in the long term and how it also helps individuals on teams improve their performances. Accountability expert and leadership speaker Sam Silverstein argues that when we believe in ourselves and are accountable for our actions, decisions become clearer and goals easier to achieve.

In her finance keynote, Halla Tomasdottir explains how openness and transparency in economics can help stabilize markets and prevent future breakdowns.

Demonstrating openness in business creates a space in which consumers can trust brands, building a relationship from which every party can benefit.