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From Misuse of Social Platforms to

 - Nov 15, 2013
Brands all over the world are trying to discover the perfect recipe for creating a strong online presence. The digital revolution has taken every brand online -- whether they like it or not and it is important that brands know how to effectively navigate this new space. This collection of speeches offers tips and advice on how to cultivate your strongest online presence.

Amber Mac, a trusted voice of authority when it comes to social media and online branding, suggests that many individuals are misusing various platforms -- like Twitter -- and as a result, are doing more harm than good. Unless employees know how to properly utilize different platforms, they can end up wasting time and creating a misleading brand image.

Tereza Nemessanyi shares her story of being a stay-at-home mom who is now an Internet force. She explains how she achieved success through persistence and dedication. Gaining an online presence and following requires commitment and making your voice heard on dozens and dozens of blogs and websites. She challenged herself to leave over 1,000 comments that garnered her serious attention.

Building and maintaining an online presence can be a challenge, but when done properly, a brand can benefit in ways it never imagined.