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From Infectious Marketing to Local Sustainability

 - Sep 18, 2013
Readers will understand how to develop a strong web presence with this collection of speeches discussing online branding strategies. Channeling the elements of your brand to digital platforms is much more complex than simply signing up for a Twitter account.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche shares the strategies his company uses to attract over 40 million every month. He believes that branding in the online world needs to be simple, direct and supercharged. It's important to appeal to consumers through clever marketing, but it's equally as important to have a clear message.

Gerry McGovern advises brands to feature as little content as possible on online websites. Too much information can make a site seem cluttered and as a result, dilute the power of a message. By featuring clear, focused content, consumers can get a better grasp on a brand's intentions.

The speech by Ken Banks focuses on the ways a strong online presence can help smaller, local companies develop and grow. Active and engaging social media accounts as well as aesthetically pleasing websites creates an inclusive environment consumers, which is invaluable.

These online branding strategies focus exclusively on the ways to develop and maintain a strong web presence.