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From How Crisis Evokes Serenity to Exploiting Chaos

 - Apr 18, 2013
New business opportunities are often perceived as scarce during today's unsteady economic climate, but this collection of speeches presents many strategies for identifying potential in different industries. Businesses are often inclined to retract and isolate themselves during economic downturns, but it is important to avoid becoming complacent.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche believes that finding new opportunity requires a business to explore untested territory. He uses the analogy of a hill; in order to remain successful, businesses need to find a new hill once they've reached the top of the current one. Otherwise, they'll get stuck on that hill and fail to innovate.

American mayor Julian Castro believes that without the pursuit opportunity, success will never follow. He states, "Opportunity created today will lead to prosperity tomorrow." He believes that seizing opportunities and embracing chaos will create new chances for individuals.

These speeches encourage pushing yourself to reach new limits, regardless of what state the economy is in or how poorly a company is currently performing, because new business opportunities are always on the horizon.