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From Three Tips for Success to Embracing a Digital Mindset

 - Sep 25, 2013
Professionals today are constantly looking for new and effective networking tips to take their careers to the next level and these speeches offer helpful advice. People often say that in business, "it isn't what you know, but who you know." Whether or not this is actually true, it is definitely beneficial to equip yourself with certain tricks and tips.

This collection of speeches doesn't exclusively focus on face-to-face interaction, as it also provides tips for networking online. For example, the speech by Matt Haughey explores the benefits of networking with people who share opposite opinions and perspectives on certain things. He says that this type of behavior has helped improve the quality of and traffic to his online community.

TJ Duane argues that authenticity and sincerity are the secrets to successful networking. He believes that introverts and extroverts can experience the same positive results by asking questions, listening to others and sharing their story with people.

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman is also featured here and he believes that using this network not only helps users discover new career opportunities, but it also connects people within similar industries and this can help people stay updated on relevant information.

These speeches offer simple yet effective networking tips that can be applied in person as well as in online interactions.