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These Speeches Cover Topics Like Space Exploration and Asteroids

 - Aug 23, 2013
These entertaining Neil deGrasse Tyson talks are sure to please science fans. Tyson's speeches cover a variety of topics, from space exploration and asteroids to teaching and personal philosophies. Tyson offers interesting and intelligent insight into each of these topics.

Tyson's speech on teaching stresses the importance of passion. He claims that the only truly great teachers he's ever had were passionate about what they were teaching. That excitement and enthusiasm can be contagious, and spark an interest in students.

In one of these speeches, Tyson talks about the threat posed by asteroids. He states that people should think about inventing some kind of protection. After all, that's what killed off the dinosaurs.

Tyson also explores mankind's motivations for greatness. He states that behind every human accomplishment, like the pyramids, there have been three driving factors. Those factors are religion, fear of war and economic growth.

These intriguing speeches are thought-provoking, but also very entertaining.