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From Investing in Disruptive Companies to Thriving in a Recession

 - Jun 19, 2015
These money management talks cover tops from investing your fortune wisely to getting by in an economic recession to teaching financial literacy to kids.

Well-known motivational speaker Tony Robbins discusses giving selflessly in his devotion talk. He shares the story of him struggling to get by financially throughout his childhood and the necessity to strike a balance between give and take. Business magnate Warren Buffett delivers a simple investment speech where he talks about investing with small sums of money. He advises buying low priced stocks to build up your personal fortune. Adam Carroll's finance management speech discusses how today's digital currency is making money less real to young digital natives, creating potentially catastrophic consequences for uneducated people. He uses the example of student loan debt in the United States as an example.

This collection of money management talks offers practical advice, whether you are a young person trying to get a handle on things or a little older and looking to invest wisely.