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From Redefining Romantic Relationships to the Power of Affairs

 - Dec 7, 2013
This collection of keynotes approaches the topic of modern romance. These talks discuss everything from the actual science behind love to dating sites and affairs in marriage.

The most interesting speech featured here is from Dr. Helen Fisher of Rutgers University. She studies the brains of humans who are in love and tracks the effects love has on neuro behavior. She reveals that love provides an almost identical high as many drugs such as cocaine. While it can bring about great feelings of bliss and confidence, when taken away -- or when one is dumped, for example -- it can lead to symptoms like withdrawal and relapse.

The speech by Noel Biderman puts forth an idea about modern romance with which many would disagree. He suggests that sex is not a fundamental component of a marriage, meaning that partners can go elsewhere to fulfill their sexual needs. A marriage is more of a partnership of children, finances and shelter, but not sex.

The talk that perhaps perfectly summarizes modern romance is that by Amy Webb who shares with her audience how she hacked an online dating site to get better matches.

These presentations offer a variety of perspectives that combine traditional and progressive though.