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From the Efficiency of Micro Communication to Maximizing Networks

 - Mar 27, 2013
This collection of speeches highlights modern networking and how social media and the advancement of technology has transformed it from its traditional sense. The Internet, according to Adam Duvander, has completely revolutionized the way individuals and brands do business with one another. The Internet has spurred different things that make it easy and inevitable for networks to grow in size and influence.

Annika Lidne views networking -- online or in person -- as something of particular importance for start-ups. She also touches on the appropriate way to go about social networking these days at large events, conferences or workshops. Modern networking is characterized by reciprocity. she argues that using connections should reciprocal -- in order to receive aid, you must also be willing to provide it.

These keynotes offer advice for actual interactions between individuals as well as broader content for getting the most out of social networks, online and offline.