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From Solidifying Brand Recognition to a Shrinking Social Network

 - Jul 24, 2012
Creating a strong, easily recognizable and powerful brand image today requires much more than a generous budget, as is demonstrated in this collection of modern branding tactics. The speakers featured here highlight a variety of new factors that now play a role in developing and maintaining a brand. From the multifaceted roles of social media to the empowerment of consumers, brands today can no longer exclusively rely on the appeal of their products. Customer service and consumer rewards also play a role in preserving a brand's staying power.

One of the most recurring ideas from these speakers is the value in shifting a brand's focus to the consumer. As consumers continue to become more empowered due to social media, a brand's success will become more dependent on customer experience. For this reason, a brand will encounter higher levels of success by tailoring its products to meet the needs of specific consumers.

As Marc Benioff points out, the Internet and different social networks now have the power to control a brand. For this reason, brands must be able to adapt to these new environments and define themselves before customers define based them on product and service experience.

Graeme Newell reminds brands that products aren't the only things consumers look for today -- unique experiences are also at the top of consumers' lists.

From the increasing relevance of social media to the growing significance of niche markets and consumer experience, these modern branding tactics demonstrate the new ways to measure a brand's success.