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From Dismantling Dangerous Taboos to Positive Stress Perspectives

 - Feb 29, 2016
These mental health talks describe strategies and society. In recent years the issue of mental illness has become increasingly less taboo with many initiatives working to reduce the stigma and encourage those suffering to speak out about their experiences, often to show others they are not alone.

In her stress management speech, Kelly McGonigal discusses psychological health and how the idea that stress can kill you is actually more harmful than the effects of stress themselves. The health psychologist says changing the way people think about stress can actually change the way their body reacts to stress.

College student Samia Khan explores the down sides of social media in another of the mental health talks. The prevalence of such platforms can have a negative impact on the self-esteem of avid users, especially impressionable young people.

Dr. Tom Mulholland's presentation is on depression and practicing emotional fitness and positive thinking. The doctor says your thoughts create your feelings, and your feelings are not facts.

While there are simple steps many can take, one of the best is seeking professional help and sharing your struggle with someone trustworthy.