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These Speeches Examine Facebook, Twitter and Other Platforms

 - Aug 15, 2013
This collection of keynotes examines popular media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. The speakers in this collection discuss the benefits of social media, the misuse of these networks and more.

Speaker Chris Brogan talks about the way that these social media platforms have improved the process of making connections. He says that Twitter, Facebook and and LinkedIn allow for users to connect instantly if they take an interest in something that someone else is doing. He finds Twitter to be the most useful of these media platforms.

Amber Mac discusses misuse of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. While she says that it's exciting that so many individuals are using social media, many people are overwhelmed by all of these networks. Mac says that people need to learn how to get the most out of these platforms professionally.

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian talks about the power of the Internet, and how social networks allow for the spread of ideas on a grand scale. In terms of humanitarianism, these networks and websites allow people to learn more about charities and find out where their money is going.

These interesting speeches remind social media users to make the most of these platforms.