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From Following Your Gut to the Solution for Gen Y

 - Jul 3, 2014
Many recent graduates struggle with the stress of choosing between meaningful careers or those that will provide a sense of security. Opinions on the matter vary drastically, but this collection of speeches focuses on what can happen when someone pursues their passions. Hearing from a variety of well known individuals, these speeches offer both the pros and cons of chasing your dreams.

Playing the devil's advocate, Dr. Larry Smith explains how pursuing a career in an area in which someone is very passionate can actually destroy the fascination surrounding it. As he describes, life is not a mathematical equation -- hard work and long hours do not always translate to success. And, because of this, it is very possible that someone's experience with their passion can become riddled with failure and rejection.

Alternatively, when it comes to meaningful careers, David Axelrod believes that no traditional careers realistically exist anymore, so it is important for people to follow their dreams and to do what makes them happy.

A recurring message throughout these speeches is that fulfillment and overall happiness -- not just in the professional sphere -- will lead to a meaningful life.