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These Marketing Presentations Examine Modern Methods and Patterns

 - Jun 5, 2013
This collection of marketing presentations explores the topic from a number of different perspectives. Hearing from marketing and advertising gurus from various industries, these speeches offer insight into today's top marketing strategies.

A common theme throughout these speeches is the idea of marketing a particular lifestyle or experience as opposed to exclusively marketing a product. By spotlighting the types of lifestyles and emotions products match or evoke, businesses forge a stronger connection with consumers. It is this connection that breeds loyalty and a returning clientele.

Advertising executive Rory Sutherland -- who is featured here in numerous speeches -- explains how brands have the power to manipulate the value of their products or services based on particular values of consumers. Value, he states, is subjective, and brands can use this to their advantage when trying to appeal certain demographics.

The speech by Jana Sievers highlights the rise in mobile marketing. As more people use their smartphone for online browsing, the more opportunities they are for marketers on mobile devices.

For a comprehensive crash course on all things marketing-related, these marketing presentations have you covered.