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From Virtual Pandemic Treatment to Life Prolonging Mutations

 - Oct 4, 2013
This collection of speeches features speakers from multiple areas of medicine and health who discuss effective strategies for managing disease. Whether these speakers are rooted in mental health, pharma or science, they all offer an interesting and informative perspective on how to manage different diseases in society today.

A substantial bulk of these presentations discuss pandemics. People all over the world have questions about what the next pandemic could possibly be and how they can prepare for themselves. Scientists as well, such as Nathan Wolfe and Laurie Garrett are particular fascinated. Wolfe dedicates his career to tracking disease in animals to catch it before it spreads to humans. Garrett focuses on developing strategies for coping with pandemics and preparing beforehand. She suggests that the American government needs to be more proactive when preparing for outbreaks.

When it comes to mental health, much of the narrative revolves around promoting more openness about these mental illness and diseases. Too many people suffer because others aren't comfortable talking about these issues.

The talk by Dean Ornish explains how people can rewrite their DNA by committing to a healthy lifestyle. People with a family history of high blood sugar or heart attacks can actually reverse the genes by exercising regularly, eating healthy and effectively managing stress.

These speeches on managing disease in our modern world not only offer useful tips, but they also shed light on the tremendous and remarkable innovations in medicine.