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From Radical Management to Lean Business Strategies

 - Jan 17, 2013
These management strategy keynotes illustrate how managing styles and tactics are evolving in the 21st century. What the business world -- and many other industries and fields -- are witnessing is a shift to more diluted leadership characterized by collaboration, partners and less formalities and hierarchies within an organization or company.

Featured here are a number of CEOs and industry professionals who argue in favor of various different management styles. Martin Sorrell believes that CEOs and senior executives within a company or organization to instill a top-down management style, characterized by plenty of involvement and engagement with the entire staff.

David Houle, a futurist and entrepreneur, sees a decline in all hierarchical structure in brands. He argues that a new and favored model of leadership will be a connection-based environment based on the slow lean towards crowd sourcing and deep selling practices. Houle explains that structures become resistant to change, which cripples innovation.

These management strategy keynotes offer insight into the transforming landscape of managing styles and what is the most effective in today's business world.