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From Financial Inclusion Solutions to Cellular-Based Microcredit

 - Oct 29, 2013
These loan talks explore the practice of one organization, often a bank, lending money to a company or individual. Many of these speeches are within the context of development and lifting communities out of poverty by encouraging local entrepreneurship. Others take a Western innovation slant.

In his innovative keynote, Richard Branson offers practical tips for being a successful entrepreneur. Ravi Chhatpar takes the perspective of a social business owner, and emphasizes the need for authenticity and listening to community members when developing products that help them. Meanwhile, Harsh Chamria discusses financial inclusion and helping those in developing countries or otherwise who are unable to procure a loan due to a fault in the system.

Identifying alternative sources of income and encouraging a spirit of entrepreneurship is a key ingredient to ending the cycle of poverty. Likewise, as global unemployment rates rise, microfinancing is an important issue for those in the West to consider as well. These loan talks provide insight regardless what area of the world one lives in.