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These Innovative Speeches are Given by or About Steve Jobs

 - Aug 15, 2013
The innovative speeches in this collection are essentially business lessons from Steve Jobs. Jobs was a leader in technology and design, who became a household name because of fantastic products like the iPod and iPhone. Many of these speeches come from this business giant directly, while others examine the impact that Jobs had on the retail industry.

In a speech about brand loyalty, Steve Jobs discusses the history of Apple and IMB. He explains that IMB didn’t want to waste time and money on a personal computer, and as a result they missed out on a huge opportunity. Apple jumped on this opportunity, and created an extremely popular personal computer.

Speaker Dan Lyons discusses valuable lessons to take away from Steve Jobs' career in his speech on simplicity and ruthlessness. He states that one important lesson to take away from Steve Jobs is that one must know what their goal is in terms of business, focus on it and perfect it.

In a commencement speech, Steve Jobs stresses the importance of pursing passions and loving what one does. He claims that this is the only way to be truly satisfied with one’s career.

These interesting speeches discuss leadership, business innovation and technology.