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From Technology and Global Activism to Transparent Choices in Retail

 - Oct 20, 2013
These lectures on social change highlight the extreme importance of activism. These speakers emphasize the need to take action on issues one feels passionately about and offer a variety of ways to do so. Other speeches focus more on the idea of social entrepreneurship rather than charity.

In his issue-agnostic speech, former UN Force Commander Romeo Dallaire appeals to youth to getting involved with volunteer travel and learning form their peers in developing countries. Meanwhile, singer Annie Lennox discusses her work with HIV and AIDS in her compelling talk. Brothers and Canada's Walk of Fame inductees Marc and Craig Kielburger explain social change as a theory with historical context.

These passionate lectures on social change have several implications, one being the role of technology and social media in ensuring human rights. Even young people who have yet to acquire the right to vote are having their say online and with their purchasing power.