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From Senior Business Perspectives to Future Management Styles

 - Jun 4, 2012
In business today, the difference between a winning and ambitious team and a complacent and unmotivated one more often than not depends on its leadership strategies. This collection of videos spotlights some of the world's most forward-thinking leaders from a wide variety of industries, who discuss the various ways in which they're innovating through means of strong leadership.

As these speeches demonstrate, the modern leader in a corporation or business must be willing to become more actively involved than ever before. As Martin Roll illustrates, senior members of a team must be ensuring their involvement in all areas of brand management from marketing to customer service. In doing so, they can foster a strong alignment of the brand's core values and its strategies and operations.

David Houle's speech highlights the advantage of a team which operates in a less hierarchical fashion; the more open, aware and connected a team is, the more likely it is to embrace new ideas and welcome change.

All of these speeches highlight how leadership affects innovation, and why a team that is not only managed by strong leadership, but also closely connected, will come out on top.