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From Linguistic Historical Roots to Breaking Down Language Barriers

 - Feb 14, 2014
These curated language presentations explore a variety of topics linked to linguistics. Some of them explain the origins of commonly used words while others discuss the clout of the English language and others discuss evolution of vocabulary in different disciplines. These speeches are exceptionally interesting for any individual studying linguistics or for those who are interested in the way words and language can be perceived.

One of the standout speeches is the one by Patricia Kuhl who explains why a baby's brain is the most susceptible to learning a new language. This is interesting for parents deciding on whether or not putting their child through a multi-language learning curriculum.

Jay Walker's speech focuses on his prediction that in the coming future, English will be the world's universal language. This shift is already well underway in China, as it is mandatory for all children to be enrolled in English classes as early as Grade 3.

David Bellos, a translator, professor and biographer holds a different opinion. He believes that separate languages are a representation of different civilizations and that they play a huge role in maintaining different cultures.

These language presentations are interesting for those who are well versed as well as for the who are new to the subject.