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From Revolutionized Retail Experiences to Social Media and Gender

 - Nov 23, 2012
This collection of keynotes on the future discuss a wide variety of topics including business, the economy, management strategies, the environment and even robots. Each of these keynotes offers an exciting and informative glance into the shape of our future world.

One of the standout keynotes on the future is by Andrew McAfee who discusses the future role of robots in society and the economy. Professions previously held by humans including translation services and phone apps like Siri on the iPhone are performing tasks typically performed by humans.

Retail expert Doug Stephens predicts a complete overhaul with the experience of consumer experiences. From revolutionizing the in-store experience (thanks to Steve Jobs and Apple) to ultra-convenience, the way individuals consume is drastically evolving.

Another memorable speech is the one by Johanna Blakley that predicts a breakdown of stereotypes because of social media. Soon, humans will be identified on social networks for their interests, passions and personalities -- not their gender.