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From Smart Investment Decisions to the Power of Local Investing

 - Mar 20, 2013
This collection of keynotes on investing features a list of prominent economists and business leaders such as Kevin O'Leary, Warren Buffett and William Ackman. The speeches focus on topics such as stability in trade, job opportunities and foreign investments.

Kevin O'Leary, most known for his role on the reality television show 'Dragon's Den,' provides his explanation for why the markets are stagnant and decreasing; he attributes it to money being invested outside of North America. Despite the risks and uncertainties related to the economy, O'Leary stresses the importance of investing in new technologies.

Banker and sustainability expert Euvin Naidoo discusses the opportunities for investment in Africa. While many perceive Africa to be a burden for the world's economy, Euvin Naidoo encourages his audience to start viewing these perceived obstacles as opportunities. He explains why investors and politicians must dismiss the 'curse of commodities' and start looking into other industries such as agriculture and technology if African economies are to become sustainable. He provides examples of countries that are moving into new territory, such as Egypt with its launch of a new industrial movement.

These keynotes on investing offer a variety of discussions and insights into investments in different industries.