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From Aspiring to Excellence to Marrying Innovation and Legacy

 - May 2, 2014
These keynotes on excellence offers tips and advice from some individuals who have reached extremely admirable and impressive levels of success. From astronauts to authors and CEOs, these featured speakers demonstrate the extent to which personal ambition can impact the overall success of a group.

When it comes to excellence in creativity, Ken Amoah' believes there are four key requirements including branding, initiative, innovation and time. He argues that "excellent" is a broadly defined term that people use to describe things that are simply mediocre. His talk reminds people that a higher excellence can still be achieved.

The speech by Disney CEO Robert Iger explores the ways excellence can positively impact a massive group of people. His speech focuses on the giant, innovative leaps China has made, using the Dinsey brand as an example. The expansion of Disney in China is a reflection of the country's creative excellence and rich legacy.

Astronaut Rick Searfoss discusses the ways one's personal excellence and ambition can help lead a team to higher grounds. As someone who has led many team missions in space, Searfoss understands the importance of stepping up and taking charge.

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