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From the Vernacular Revolution to Making Better Eye Contact

 - Mar 30, 2013
This collection of keynotes on communication offers a wide variety of fascinating and useful information on the ways people communicate in life and business today. From scientists to CEOs to entrepreneurs and even politicians, these featured speakers examine the most effective ways to communicate today, as well as the ways language has evolved and what society can expect in the future.

One of the most interesting speeches from this collection is by entrepreneur Jay Walker. Walker reveals why two billion people are spending up to twelve hours each day studying the English language. During Jay Walker’s speech, he attributes the hope of finding a better job, increasing one’s income and creating a brighter future as the reasons behind this global phenomenon. He believes that with English as the world’s universal language, it will enable individuals from every corner of the world to come together and work towards achieving common goals.

Amy Cuddy, who is featured twice here, explains how one's body language can have a direct effect on one's confidence when communicating with others.

Julian Treasure offers tips for proactive listening. His speech reveals humans only retain 25 percent of what they heard today.

From conversational tips to communicating through infographics, these keynotes on communication offer interesting and relevant discussions.