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From Recession-Proof Employment to Non-Linear Life Paradaigms

 - Apr 4, 2013
That newspapers, blogs and many other media sources are riddled with stories and statistics about today's twenty-somethings and post secondary graduates today serves as the inspiration for this collection of keynotes for Generation Y. This generation, also known as Millennials, are often portrayed as entitled, lazy and indecisive. Whether or not these generational myths harbor any truth, these speeches provide words of wisdom, inspiration and guidance for this particular group of people.

Many of these speakers belong to Generation Y and offer sound advice for their peers. Author and blogger Jenny Blake offers Miellennials the concept of the career pyramid. The career pyramid. The career pyramid enables individuals to build a strong foundation and move laterally, as opposed to exclusively up or down. It is a dynamic, fluid and non-linear concept that offers people the freedom to explore their options, experience a variety of positions and roles and ultimately discover their true passions. She explains that it is important for recent graduates and young adults to not rely on finding a job that fulfills them 100 percent straight out of school. Such experiences do not exist and it is imperative to take something from every work experience and to not be discouraged.

Many of these speeches are commencement addresses to graduating classes at university of college from iconic individuals like Barbara Walters, Sheryl Sandberg and Steve Jobs.