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From Richard Branson to Steve Jobs

 - Jan 24, 2013
This collection of keynotes by iconic entrepreneurs highlights some of the most influential individuals in business from the last thirty years.

It is interesting to note that certain individuals featured here -- like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson -- have not only founded exceptionally successful companies, but their innovations have changed the way people live their lives. While Steve Jobs is no longer with us, his legacy lives on as having completely reinventing the way people interact with technology and how it is incorporated into everyday life. It is no surprise then that people who worked closely with Jobs -- Steve Wozniak and Guy Kawasaki -- are also included in these keynotes by iconic entrepreneurs.

Important entrepreneurs to look out for are also featured here such as innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche. Gutsche is the founder and CEO of, a crowdsourced trend site with over 1 billion views, as well as the award-winning author of 'Exploiting Chaos.'

Enjoy these videos and uncover your inspiration to find the next big thing.