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These Keynotes by Entrepreneurs Focus on Successful Women

 - May 23, 2013
These keynotes by entrepreneurs highlight some of today's most successful women in start-up businesses. Spotlighting such individuals is extremely important, not only to share their incredibly inspiring stories, but also to demonstrate to younger female audiences, that the possibilities in business for them are boundless.

This collection includes an appropriate melange of extremely well-known speakers such as Martha Stewart to CEOs of much smaller firms like Catherine Kaputa, the founder of SelfBrand. Additionally, the speeches here connect with a multitude of industries include philanthropy, social media and sales.

Linda Rottenberg, the CEO of Endeavor Sales, offers five unorthodox entrepreneurial tips in her speech. She encourages her audiences to dream big, but to break business dreams down into achievable milestones. She also discusses the importance of celebrating small victories, because the journey is a very important experience.