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From Transparency in Publishing to Saving Traditional Media

 - May 1, 2013
This collection of journalism keynote speeches aims to lay out the future landscape of journalism, media and publishing. The speeches offer a wide variety of opinions and perspectives from individuals in print, digital journalism and economics.

While the majority of these speakers support the theory that traditional media -- printed newspapers and printed magazines -- is on its way out, Jacek Utko would argue differently. Utko is a Polish designer who is transforming the newspaper industry in Poland by designing unique covers. His secret to increasing the sales of a variety of Eastern European newspapers is to treat each issue as individual product, similar to the way a musician would approach a composition.

Alisa Miller, the CEO of Public Radio International, doesn't focus so much on newspaper consumption but on the actual consumption of any news by Americans. Her speech reveals shocking statistics on how little news from around the world is consumed by Americans.

In Jane Pratt's speech, she emphasizes the need for readers to be cautious of what it is they are reading. She pushes for more transparency is journalism, whether it be print or digital.