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From Smart Investment Decisions to the Role of Character in Success

 - Sep 25, 2013
These investment presentations discuss investing from a variety of perspectives. Hearing from highly regarded individuals like Warren Buffet and Kevin O'Leary, this collection of speeches discusses topics such as investments in Africa and the importance of investing in entrepreneurship.

Mr. Buffet advises those listening to his investment keynote to focus on investing with smaller sums of money. He argues that there are more options and flexibility when investing with smaller amounts. He also suggests investing in smaller stocks, because it is unlikely that they can fall much lower.

The advice from Kevin O'Leary is very simple; he informs his audience that economies outside North America are growing rapidly because North Americans want to save and preserve their money. He says this is foolish and that people need to continue taking risks or else the market will become stagnant.

While these investment presentations do provide complex information, they also offer a comprehensive evaluation on investing today.