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From Self-Induced Poor Decisions to the Science of Trust

 - Jan 24, 2013
This collection of keynote speeches discusses the role of intuition in business. Featuring popular keynote speaker and behavioral economics expert Dan Ariely as well as Apple's new CEO Tim Cook, these keynotes offer a variety of interpretations of the advantages and disadvantages of intuition in business.

Dan Ariely believes that humans too often rely on their intuition in the decision-making process. The majority of people are under the impression that the gut feelings they experience mean something much deeper and that they should follow them. Ariely argues that people's lack of willingness to step back, evaluate a situation without intuition and to try something new is keeping people from breaking the patter of poor decision-making, resulting in lackluster results in business.

Tom Cook, on the other hand, encourages a graduating class to follow their intuition when making important decisions in one's personal and professional life.