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From Online Freedom of Speech to the Internet's Army

 - May 2, 2013
A conversation about the Internet today can very quickly evolve into a conversation about social media, online piracy, censorship laws or crowdsourcing, and this collection of Internet speeches covers it all.

Some of the most fascinating speeches featured here discuss topics that may not make it into those everyday conversations about the world wide Web. For example, it is widely believed that access to the Internet is banned in China. Michael Anti's keynote, however, reveals that there are over 300 million Internet users in China, connecting and communicating on equivalent social network sites to Twitter and Facebook.

Andrew Blum's keynote explores the Internet as an actual object. He shares his journey of going to uncover the Internet and to find what it all looks like behind a screen.What he found was a lot of cables in specific areas of the world that act as very crucial components of what people experience as the Internet.

From breaking down the anatomy of a 404 error page to discussing online theft, these Internet speeches provide a comprehensive package of information, statistics and memorable stories.