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From Virtual Employment Potential to Peaceful Innovation

 - Dec 5, 2014
These international development talks share a variety of views on developing countries. The majority look at development from an emerging economic perspective, where as others look at it from the realm of humanitarianism and philanthropy. Whether you approach development from a business, governmental or charitable lens, there is a lot of opportunity.

In his innovation keynote, Bill Gates emphasizes new ideas can come from anywhere. Susan Rice discusses development from a diplomatic viewpoint and encourages recent graduates to take action. Free the Children founder Craig Kielburger advocates for access to education in the developing world, as it is the key to lifting people out of poverty. Entrepreneur Arif Momin looks critically at what he calls the "pre-paid barrier" and credit criteria that prevents the unbanked population from acquiring micro-loans.

These international development talks demonstrate the complexity of the issue and how complex, culturally-relevant strategies are important.